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Here are some of our more dramatic before and after shots.
A Standard Schnauzer get schnazzed up.
A very matted long hair cat is freed from his pelt of a coat.
A Standard Poodle gets shaped in to be less fluffy!
A Great Pyrenees comes in very hairy and dirty and leaves gleaming white.
Look at this kitty show off her new look!
A Hairy Husky looses lots of loose undercoat and leaves happy with a healthy coat.
A matted, hairy cocker gets a summer trim to keep cool.
This Rough Collie receives a summer trim that helps him stay cool.
This is a Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier pups first grooming.
This Australian Shepherd had lots of matts and loose dead undercoat that needed to be removed and trimmed.
A Golden Retriever gets trimmed up
A Fuzzy Bichon gets a trim. She liked the word "walk?" And posed super cute!
A Shih Tzu pup gets a easier to maintain trim
This Scottish Terrier gets a new do!
This mixed breed is tidied up and sure looks cute!
She was wagging her tail so much we needed to hold it still!
A Cockapoo gets his spring trim!
A Golden Retriever gets a schnazzy Lab Lookin do!
A Terrier Mix can see gain!
A Large mixed breed has to be trimmed fairly short to get through all the matts and tangles. He was a BIT overdue!
A Dirty and Hairy American Eskimo looks spiffy after her Fluff and Buff!
This German Shepherd, Collie mix sure looks great after his Bath and Deshedding Treatment
This Wirefox Terrier looks Schnazzy after his grooming
Sometimes we have to start all over like we did for this severely matted pooch..
A Handsome Airedale pup knows he looks good!
A Golden Doodle Pups first Haircut
A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel gets cleaned up. Her hair was so
matted it could not be saved. But she felt SO much better!
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A Golden gets a shorter summer do