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Q. What days do you offer daycare?
A. We offer dog daycare Monday - Friday. We do not offer weekend daycare.

Q. Can I bring my puppy to daycare?
A. Yes! We encourage you to bring your young dog or puppy to daycare to learn how
to effectively communicate with other dogs. Some dogs are not properly socialized
with other dogs and forget how to "talk dog". By starting puppies out right away, they
never forget!

Q. Do you have to keep coming on the same day?
A. We do not require you to come the same day each week. Some other daycares
do, but we do not. Sometimes it is good to change your day as your dog will meet
new dogs, and make new friends. We will let you know who your dog likes to play
with, and what days they come. Some dogs like the consistency of coming on the
same day. If you have any questions regarding what would be best for your dog just

Q. Can I come whenever I want for daycare?
A. You must book your daycare in advance. We do have days that are more popular
than others and they book up fast. Due to the size building we have, we cannot have
too many dogs. It can get crowded and that makes the dogs edgy. You can book all
your days months in advance if you want. If something comes up and you would like
to come a different day or an extra day a week please call and check to see if the
day is full yet.

Q. What is you half a day commitment?
A. We require all of our daycare dogs to come a minimum of a half a day, per week.
This keeps the dogs social and helps them remember our routine. Our playful
environment is a result of dogs getting to know each other during repeated visits. This
occurs by reducing the stress of meeting new and unfamiliar dogs everyday, no
different from the increased comfort you feel once you become more familiar with new
friends. We do not offer a drop-in service for dogs who are not our current clients.
Our focus is on providing a consistent environment for the dogs, and dogs are most
comfortable with familiar dogs and staff. New dogs or inconsistent visits can take up
to a full day to integrate into daycare so a long term and consistent commitment is

Q. Are you currently accepting new dogs to daycare?
A. Yes! We always are accepting new clients. All new dogs are required to spend a
half day with us to see if they are compatible, an evaluation. Then, if they work out,
they are more than welcome to continue coming!

Q. Will you feed my dog during the day?
A. We only feed dogs who bring treats or food from home. Mark the bag with the
dogs name. Dogs are fed in their individual crates during nap time. You can also send
treats or a stuffed kong, or sterile bone along with your dog. If you would like to keep
a bag of treats with us, we store them and dispense as you request.

Q. What kind of surface does my dog play on in daycare?
A. The 1,600 square foot playroom is fully matted with a rubber membrane. This
provides cushion for your dogs feet and traction for all the running around they do. It
also makes for easy clean up of any messes. Each night the floor is sanitized with a
safe, effective disinfectant.

Q. Can my dog play if it is not neutered?
A. All dogs must be spayed or neutered. If your puppy is under 6 months they can be
left intact, but after they turn 6 months old we require them to be altered.

Q. Your facility is strictly indoors, where do the dogs go to the bathroom?
A. We walk each dog 6 times a day, if they are with us for a full day of daycare. If
they are with us for a half a day they get 3 walks. Some dogs do make messes
inside. They are immediately cleaned up and the floor is sanitized. We have minimal
messes inside, as we make sure dogs use the outdoor toilet!

Q. Do I have to sign a consent form?
A. Yes we have a consent form that needs to be signed before your dog attends
daycare. This covers all aspects of daycare from collar and leash rules, pick up and
drop off times, hazards, and the half a day a week commitment.

Q. You mention there are hazards of daycare. Can my dog get hurt?
A. Yes there are a few hazards of daycare. Most dogs play with their mouths. Some
dogs get a bit rough and can play too hard. We have had a few small cuts or
punctures from dogs playing too rough or going for the same toy at the same time.
There is always a daycare attendant in the room with the dogs to supervise play. But
sometimes dogs will be dogs! Some dogs feet are not used to the wear and tear of
constant play and some dogs pads can get ripped while racing around. This heals
after a few days and they can come back to play.

Q. I don't know if my dog will get along with other dogs. Can he still come?
A. If your dog has bitten other dogs or has shown aggression, daycare probably isn't
going to work for your dog. We have had some dogs that show aggression strictly on
leash or when their owner is present. These dogs play wonderful off leash and when
their owner is not there. Each dog is different and has a different temperament. We
can give it a try, but dogs will be dogs.

Q. What will my dog do during the day?
A. We have lots of toys for your dog to play with. We also have a mini A-Frame to
climb over and under. Our playhouses are fun to sit in or under. Mostly the dogs play
chase and wrestle with the other dogs. Our daycare attendants give each dog
individual attention and petting and scratching. They throw toys and encourage play all
day long.