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Libby the English Cocker Spaniel has a grooming appointment
at 12:30 today. Her owner takes her for a quick walk near the
entrance of the parking lot to make sure she empties before
her appointment.
After entering the store she notifies the up front staff that she
has a grooming appointment. Curtis is paging the groomers in
the grooming room letting them know that an appointment has
arrived. He asks her to wait by the back grooming room counter
for her groomer.
Aubrey will be grooming Libby today and she greets her
groomer with excitement. Some dogs LOVE to be groomed
where others don't always appreciate it!
Aubrey double checks information in the computer system.
Our computer stores basic information and also all the past
grooming notes. We can look to see what was done in the past
or if there are any health or temperament issues we need to
be aware of.
Libby's owner would like a different trim on Libby today and
she brings in a picture to help show what she would like.
Aubrey shows some pictures we have in the grooming photo
album to help clarify what type of trim she would like.
Libby does not like to see her mom go without her and frets a
little bit as she leaves. Once her owner is gone she happily
enters the grooming room and makes her way back to the
Libby is placed into a crate waiting patiently for her turn to
be groomed.
Each dogs belongings are stored on our leash rack so they
do not get mixed up.
Each groomer has a dry erase board to write down
information regarding each dogs pick up time and leash rack
number. Our computer systems prints off a sheet of
information for grooming directions and any health or
temperament issues.
Aubrey has 3 grooming clients this afternoon. Libby waits in
her crate while Aubrey bathes and drys Max. Once Max is in
a drying crate Libby will be started.
This is a BEFORE shot of Libby. She has a decent
amount of growth and is quite shaggy. Her owner keeps
up on brushing her longer locks in between groomings
to keep it free of burrs and matting.
Because Libby is quite long, Aubrey Pre-Grooms her by
clipping off excess hair. This helps speed up bathing and
drying. Some hairy breeds such as German Shepherds or
Golden Retrievers need excess undercoat to be blown out
before their bath. Some dogs do not need pre-grooming at all.
After all her excess hair is removed, Libby is bathed in one of
our waist high tubs. Shampoo is applied with hand held
sprayers. This makes for easy shampoo application and less
time in the tub. Libby is scrubbed from nose to tail. Her anal
glands are also expressed.

We have a variety of shampoos that we use on our grooming
clients. Depending on your dogs coat or skin type we tailer
their bath to them. If you have a shampoo that you would like
used on your pet you are encouraged to bring it along and
label it with your name.
After Aubrey is sure that Libby is clean, she is throughly
rinsed. Any excess shampoo left on the coat can cause
irritation. Our hand held sprayers get the job done in no time.
After being rinsed, Libby is throughly towel dried.
Sometimes we use up to 6 towels on one dog to
get the water off. Libby only needs 2.
After all excess water is removed with towels Libby is placed
on the drying bench to be force air dried. We have high
velocity driers to blast off moisture and excess hair. Pets are
left fluffy and mostly dry. Our crate dryers finish off the job
for us.
After most of the moisture is removed from Libby's
coat by the force air dryer she is placed in a drying
crate with cool air fans. We do NOT use any heated
crate dryers. All our dryers circulate cool air around
your pet. Our big "elephant" dryers are outside of the
bathing room so fresh air is brought into the room
constantly. We also have a exhaust fan to keep the
humidity down and help pets dry faster.
While Libby relaxes in the drying crate Aubrey bathes
her third client of the afternoon, Belle the cat.
After Belle is bathed and dried Aubrey gets Max out to
groom. Libby relaxes in the bathing room with her crate
fans and continues to dry.
Once Max is completed Aubrey brings a clean dry Libby
from the Bathing room to the Grooming room and onto
her table to be groomed.
A slicker brush is used to
remove loose hair and tangles
from Libby's coat.
Libby's coat is checked for tangles with a fine tooth
Greyhound comb. This with catch on any tangles left.
Libby's nails are carefully trimmed with a trimmer.
Libby's owner has requested that her nails be
filed down after clipping to smooth out the edges.
We use a Dremel sanding tool to grind nails.
The clipper is used to shave off the hair on the top
part of Libby's ears. This is called an ear mark out
and is typically done on all Spaniel and Setter
Breeds. This helps her ears breathe and keeps
infections at bay.
Libby's body is clipped off into an English
Cocker Spaniel body pattern. Hair is left in
some places and shaved in others. This varies
from breed to breed.
Libby's face is clipped with the clippers to achieve
the clean plush look English Cocker Spaniels are
known for.
Aubrey uses a thinning shears to create nice
blending lines on Libby. This tool cuts every
other hair to create soft lines and smooth edges.
Aubrey uses her finishing shears to trim Libby's
feet nice and tight. Excess hair tends to grow on
most dogs feet and keeping the hair at bay keeps
the dirt at bay!
Aubrey trims in Libby's longer furnishings to
create the lines of an English Cocker Spaniel.
This is where the experience of the groomer
shows. Scissor skills are a must for pet
groomers. And it's not easy with pets that move
around and are wiggly!
Libby's ears are cleaned with a medicated cleaner.
Some breeds have ear hair that needs to be
plucked out. Libby is prone to infections so her
ears are swabbed as clean as possible.
Libby's AFTER shot.

The groomer that helped hold her
asked to be cropped out of the picture.
After all grooming is complete Libby dons a
seasonal Bandanna. We also have Bows.
Libby is then placed into a crate to rest and wait
until her owner arrives to pick her up.
Libby's owner had requested to be called when
she was finished. Aubrey checks the phone
number in the computer as she calls.
Libby's owner arrives to pick her up and pays at
the up front counter. Curtis pages the grooming
room to let them know that someone gets to go
home. Libby's owner also sets up another
appointment so that she will not be as shaggy
next time.
Libby is leashed up and knows it's time to go
She can't get out the door fast enough!
She greets her mom and shows off how cute she
"BYE LIBBY!" Look at her tail wag on the way out.
She looks and feels great.