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Carrie grew up in the company of animals. She worked
on her parents Dairy Farm feeding calves and helping
with milking. She married a dairy farmer (Curtis) and
realized that animals were her passion. Besides helping
on the farm she worked for a groomer as a bather, and
worked her way up to where she is now. Carrie and
Curtis bought Dynamic Pet Palace in 2007.

Carrie has had dogs her whole life and always enjoyed
their company. Even though she is allergic to cats she
had her favorite barn kitties too. She currently shares her
home with 2 dogs, Milo a mixed breed & Pixie an
Australian Shepherd. Carrie enjoys training her dogs to
do tricks and taking walks in the woods and beach.

Carries interests outside of dogs are playing softball and
volleyball, watching movies, and taking a drive on the
Aubrey is owned by Qwik her Curly-Coated Retriever,
Cur-V a Standard Poodle, Snowflake a white Persian
, and
her flock of Egg laying chickens. She has owned pets her
whole life and rarely is without a dog by her side.

Her interest in working with pets came as a high school
student when she became a bather for Dynamic Pet
Palace. After graduating from high school and not knowing
what to do, she went to the Wisconsin School of
Professional Pet Grooming. There she continued her
knowledge of pets and grooming and graduated in
December of 2001.

's interests outside of grooming include hiking with
the dogs,
Traveling, and dog training/showing. Aubrey
shows her dogs in Agility, Obedience, Hunting tests,
Conformation, and Dock Jumping competitions.
Sarah has always had a passion for animals. She
grew up with a variety of animals including dogs,
cats, birds, horses, lizards, and hamsters.

Sarah always enjoyed caring for others, she was a
Nanny and worked in child care for 6 years. Her
dreams as a little girl of working in a zoo led her to
the pet industry and then to grooming.

She completed an online program through the Animal
Behavior College. She received her hands on training
at Dynamic Pet Palace where she completed her
internship under the guidance of Carrie. She
received her certificate in October 2015.

Sarah lives with Mystery a Miniature Pincher and
dreams of owning more animals. She also enjoys
reptiles and amphibians.

Outside of grooming she enjoys being in the great
outdoors and camping with family and friends. Her
other interests are driving 4 wheelers and shooting
pool, playing volleyball and watching sports.
Brooke grew up an animal lover. Her current Herd
consists of Montana her Palomino Quarter Horse,
Diesel her Labrador, Taz a Lahsa Apso and Cats
Peanut and Ginger.

Brooke enjoys 4 wheeleing, Camping with family and
friends and many different kinds of Hunting. She also
likes Showing and Riding her Horse in various
events. Diesel has taken up Dock Diving along with
training for other various activities.

Brooke had intended to attend school to become a
Vet tech but found a job at Dynamic and hasn't
looked back since. After learning the different jobs at
Dynamic including retail/customer service, Daycare,
Bathing and assisting the grooming department,
Brooke decided to focus on becoming a groomer
and trained under Carrie to hone her skills.